Friday, November 30, 2012

Natural Wood Desk

Today we got an amazing wooden desk into the shop!  Although we paint most of our wooden furniture, we decided to give this gem a chance to shine!  Natural wood is a wonderful new trend and has been featured recently in many decorating magazines. 
For our store display featuring this lovely piece, we chose to include vintage inspired items such as brass and iron architectural elements, topographic maps, and funky floral patterns. What's your opinion on  natural wood furniture?


Is it time to freshen up the den? How about a clock for the mantel?

Your holiday guests will really enjoy refreshments out of these beautiful glasses as much as you will enjoy having them!

Spice up your love life this Christmas with these sexy slippers!

This sassy jacket is waiting to keep you warm and stylish!

Please remember to keep the holiday shopping fun. We really are at our best when humor is the modus operandi!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pink and Black Friday

Hoping you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving yesterday. It looks like these two did. Now that the leftovers are  put in Tupperware it's time to shop! But before you get in your car and head off to that Big Box store for the killer deals, consider the alternative. Shop local. Not only is it the right thing to do but it's just a much more agreeable way to spend the day.

Here at Second Hand Chic we prefer the term "Pink and Black Friday". We are offering 20% off all merchandise today. There will be additional savings of 10% for our e-mail customers. We also offer a relaxing, stress-free shopping environment. There will be no 5 AM openings or door-crasher specials and no trampling.

Thanks to my daughter Heather and her husband Gonzo for the photo. Are they not just the cutest couple?

Love, Kelly

Friday, November 16, 2012

Second Hand Chic's Holiday Gift Giving Guide!

Here's a little vintage inspired gift giving guide for all of your holiday shopping this season!  Take a look at these great ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list and then hurry on in to Second Hand Chic for the best selection!

 And don't forget, our big "Pink and Black Friday" sale the day after Thanksgiving! Start your holiday shopping off right with 20% off all merchandise!

Gift ideas for the "hostess with the most-est" in your life:
-Vintage tablecloths
-Vintage trays
-Vintage aprons
-A super cute juicer
-Unique serving utensils and dishware
-Vintage tins
-Dining carts

Gift ideas for the fashionista:
-Trendy clothing
-Cute shoes, bags, and belts!

Gifts for the gardener in your life:
-Garden aprons
-Vintage gardening tools
-Galvanized metal watering cans
-One of Second Hand Chic's Flea Market Flowers creations

Gift ideas for the musically inclined:
-One of Second Hand Chic's amazing vintage and antique musical instruments
-Vintage sheet music
-Music stands

Gifts for the little ones:
-Adorable vintage toys
-Vintage books
-Vintage toys

Gift ideas for the traveler
-Vintage luggage
-Language dictionaries
-Vintage maps
-Fun postcards

 Some gifts ideas for the dudes:
-Vintage cowboy belts
-Vintage Boy Scout books
-Flirty French postcards
-Antique shoe molds
-A fabulous Old Spice collection
-Vintage bar ware
-Antique tools

Happy Shopping!
Love, Caitlin

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cute New Items!

Here are just a few of the adorable new items we have gotten into the shop recently!