Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Freida Kahlo

It's sort of funny how when you are on vacation you are more willing to splurge on an item. Last week when we were visiting Arizona I spotted this fabulous Freida Kahlo inspired piece. Normally, because I am such a tightwad, I would have flinched at the $245 price tag. But, hey, you're on it up, I tell myself! I'm really glad that I did, though because I just love this painting. Besides, I can justify the cost because this is something that I will enjoy for years to come and when I'm dead my children will surely fight over who gets it. Tee Hee. They have already laid claim on my quilt collection and I'm only fifty years old!
The portrait is painted on a piece of canvas stretched across what appears to be an old cupboard door. The stenciling adds a nice rustic charm to the "frame". The colors are so perfect for our home.

Well, sometimes you just have to loosen up those purse strings and go a little crazy.

Love, Kelly

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Inn at 410

Last week while Poopsie and I were visiting Arizona, we stayed in a delightful B & B called The Inn at 410. This beautiful Arts & Crafts style mansion built in 1894 is located in historic downtown Flagstaff. The town of Flagstaff is the perfect home base when visiting Northern Arizona. It's a ninety minute drive to many of Arizona's best attractions; Grand Canyon, Sedona and Montezuma's Castle to name a few.
The Inn at 410
410 Leroux Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Flagstaff was surprisingly chilly for this time of year as you can see by the snow on the ground.

"The historically located Inn at 410 offers luxurious, romantic rooms and suites with unmatched amenities, and combines an outstanding location, warm historic ambiance, gourmet breakfasts and gracious friendly service to ensure a relaxing and memorable Flagstaff Bed and Breakfast experience." To quote their website.
Poopsie and I stayed in the ultra luxurious "Tea Room" I've never seen a bed with so many pillows! Fancy Schmancy!

Here I am spending some quality time with my morning coffee.
Gordon, our Innkeeper, goes over the day's itinerary with Poopsie.
Every morning we were treated to a scrumptious gourmet feast! Gordon is an excellent chef. I guess I should have combed my hair before I came to breakfast. Eeeek!

Who is this little beggar under the table? She seems to appear at our table as soon as the entree is served!
What a face. Who could resist? Having a pooch begging at our table sure makes me feel right at room. I miss Bumbee.
So if you find yourself in Northern Arizona I would highly recommend a stay at The Inn at 410. Poopsie and I felt so pampered and well-rested. Thanks Gordon and your fabulous staff for a wonderful stay!

Love, Kelly

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arizona Snapshots

Poopsie and I were treated to some really spectacular scenery while we visited Northern Arizona last week. I know it's not the beach but the cool dessert sand sure feels good between your toes!
Slide Rock State Park, Sedona
Antelope Canyon, Page
Montezuma's Well, Camp Verde
Montezuma's Castle. This cliff dwelling was built in the 1400's
Grand Canyon
800 year old pueblos in Waputki National Monument

So many beautiful sights it was truly overwhelming. What a great trip!

Love, Kelly

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

It's time for Poopsie and I to hit the road. We'll be traveling down to Northern Arizona this week to see the sites. Needless to say, I won't be blogging while I'm at the Grand Canyon. I like to travel without technology. I don't even own a laptop. After all, Isn't that the whole idea of getting away from it all?

When I return, hopefully I'll have some great pics of spectacular scenery to share.

Love, Kelly

Friday, March 19, 2010

"Spring is Busting Out All Over!"

It may be too early for flowers to be blooming outside but here at Second Hand Chic the flowers are in full bloom. Nature inspired design is all the rage this year. Here is just a small sampling of some flowery items you'll find in our shop.

It's all so pretty, yes? So come on over to Second Hand Chic and you'll feel "Younger Than Springtime". (My sincere apologies to Rodgers & Hammerstein!)

Love, Kelly