Monday, May 31, 2010

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

With our coop nearing completion I just realized I must have chicken on the brain. We have so much chicken merchandise in the shop currently. Some old and some new but it's all chicken!

Love, Kelly

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Smith & Edwards

Just north of Ogden, here in Utah is a place called Smith & Edwards. If you are looking for miles of aisles of rusty old junk, then this is the place for you. Poopsie and I drove up Saturday to poke around. A word of warning before you go: make sure your tetanus shots are current!
There is some cool stuff here but most of it is just to heavy for us to transport.
The bulk of the items sold here are army surplus. We thought the boxes holding these cans would make nice nesting boxes for the chicken coop. We picked up three of them at $7 a piece,

Wow! What a bombshell!
Bumbee would like to have one of these in the yard. TeeHee.

Looking at all this old army stuff sitting in rusting piles makes me a little sad to think of all the money and labor that has gone into our industrial wartime machine. "Food not Bombs!"

Poopsie is here to remind all you junkers to be careful out there. Junking can be a dangerous business so always dress properly. Safety first!

Love, Kelly

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chicken Coop Progress Report

As you can see, the chicken coop is coming along nicely, thanks to our wonderful neighbor Bennie.
He has been using mostly recycled materials like these windows and the corrugated metal sheeting.
Soon the coop will be ready for the "ladies" to move in. We will keep you posted.
I think you'll's going to be the fanciest coop in town!

Love, Kelly

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Before & After

Everyone likes a good before and after picture. Here is a sad brown cupboard with good bones that just needs a little love...
Here is the finished project after a coat of paint and some "shabby" treatment. Much better.

This cupboard is now for sale in our shop and is priced at $260.

Love, Kelly

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So this weekend I finally get around to planting my little herb garden. Monday morning I wake up to a full on blizzard! I know this is the mountains but it's the last week of May for crying out loud! I hope my tiny plants survive the storm.

We have an assortment of potted herbs available in our shop this Spring. These are perfect for a sunny kitchen window. Imagine adding a sprig of mint to your iced tea or some fresh cilantro to top off your taco salad.

My all time favorite is lavender. Place this pot of french lavender on your night stand and you'll sleep like a baby.

The herbs sell for $14 each. Hurry in while they last.

Love, Kelly

Monday, May 24, 2010

Magnet Mania

Last night my friends Kevan and Mike came over to the house for a little Magnet Mania, THE crafting event of the season!
As you can see, I like to keep the craft area tidy and organized, insisting that all crafters "clean as they craft". In fact some have referred to me as the Craft Nazi. I'm a Virgo...I can't help it.

The fellas were impressed by the "vintage magazine buffet" I laid out for the event.
What's a crafting event without Special K Treats, Poopsie's specialty.
Mike shows off some of his handywork.
Here I am in my sexy old lady glasses. Nowadays I have a hard time crafting without them.
Kevan was very impressed with the special cutter, the finest in magnet-making technology.
The evening was quite productive. Stay tuned. These fun magnets are coming soon to a Second Hand Chic near you.....

Love, Kelly

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Elizabeth's Bakery & Tea Shop

Good news for all you tea lovers here in Salt Lake City. Elizabeth's Tea Room has reopened under new ownership!
No one was more pleased than me to see the "Open" sign back on the front door. I've been craving a pasty. And when I say "pasty" I mean the meat-filled pie variety not the thingy that exotic dancers wear. The difference apparently is in the pronunciation.
Meet Ronni, the new owner of Elizabeth's. She was busy bussing tables when we met so I tried not to get in the way with my annoying picture-taking ways.
It seems the new owner has added some comfy new touches to the decor like this cozy bench with pretty pillows that spans the length of the wall. So have a seat and enjoy a nice spot of tea.
They still have a delish assortment of savory items as well as pastries.
Paul was so helpful and friendly behind the counter. Nice crumpets.
The decor retains it's Brittish flavor.

Fresh flowers on the counter. Very nice touch, Ronni.
Everyone seems so happy that Elizabeth's is open again.

Just a reminder to is so important to support small local businesses. Especially in these tough economic times they need your love as well as your dollars. Now after you finish your tea, head on over to Second Hand Chic; another small business that needs your love (and dollars).
It's good to see the Union Jack flying once again out front.

Elizabeth's English Bakery & Tea Shop575 South 700 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84102-2814(801) 433-1170
Where else in Utah can you have afternoon tea with The Queen?

Love, Kelly