Friday, May 7, 2010

Beehive Bazaar & Bob Barker

Yesterday, I popped down to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi to check out The Beehive Bazaar. I was quite impressed by the wide variety of imaginative arts and crafts for sale. It's true...this is NOT your mother's craft fair. I even got to see Bob Barker! Take a gander at all the fun stuff on display. Or better yet, head down south and show your support for all the creative local crafts people.

Don't forget about Mom. Mother's Day is fast approaching and wouldn't she love to receive a wonderful handmade gift from her favorite offspring?
The Beehive Bazaar ends on Saturday at 8 PM. You can check them out on FaceBook or call Thanksgiving Point for more info.

Love, Kelly

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  1. wow what fun things to see. I really like them all. I'm sure I would have come home with a few of these. Have a fun weekend!