Sunday, May 2, 2010


This cute little duck couple has made our yard their home for the past week. Don't they make a cute couple? Maybe they'll make their nest here in our yard and we'll get to see some ducklings waddle around the lawn this Spring. They seem so devoted to each other.

So while I'm snapping away with my camera and enjoying a moment with nature, another male duck swoops down and starts to "get with" the female. Then, of course her hubby starts to attack the intruder and the next several moments were filled with lots of squawking and pecking and quacking until one of males gives up and flies off. Please, ducks, get a room!

Isn't nature wonderful?

Love, Kelly


  1. LOL Kelly....Isn't it just....!!! Were you able to tell WHICH male duck 'won out'....If so, was it the original suiter or the interloper....Enquiring minds need to know....hahahaha....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. I feel like I'm observing Animal Kingdom....those ducks are adorable, and they were just up to doing what ducks do at this time of the year....I hear geese all the time...they make it so public what they are up to...very indiscreet!

  3. so fun!!! I wish I had a duck

    Annie from brigham

  4. Kelly, you should see the fish and the snails and the shrimp going at it in my house! I know you love to hear all about my new hobby as an aquarist. Oh, some consider me a regular ichthyologist, they do. I managed to snap a few pictures of the honey lovin' between an egg-laden female harlequin rasbora and a few gentlemen callers of the same species in my 10 gallon the other day. You want me to post them for you?