Friday, May 22, 2009

And They Call Her....Charlie!

Next week I will be off exploring the untamed jungles of Maui. But not to worry; Second Hand Chic will be open for business. The other Second Hand Chick, Connie, also known as "Charlie" will be at the helm. If you have not had the opportunity to meet Connie, now is the perfect opportunity to stop in and get aquainted. I think you will be impressed with her skills.
Aloha, Kelly

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Summertime...and the Livin' is Easy.

Summer is finally here. Is your patio furnished yet? You are in luck because Second Hand Chic is fully stocked with the latest in garden and patio furnishings and decor. One of our favorite customers, Linda de Azevedo sent us this photo from her flickr account.

Be sure to check out "My Vintage Kitchen" under the Collections category. Linda has the most amazing collection of vintage kitchenwear! See for yourself. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, Linda!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Second Hand Chic we strive to offer our customers unique, high quality merchandise at a reasonable price. It is puzzling, therefore that so many times we are asked to take less for an item. In response to this strange behavior we have placed signs through out the shop stating that our prices are firm. We can't help but take it personally and feel a little insulted. You would not ask the lady who rings you up at Albertsons if she will take 50 cents for a loaf of bread that is marked $1.00. This is a shop, not a yard sale. We have overhead: rent, utilities, payroll, merchandise costs, etc. Don't ask what my take home salary is after I account for the 60 hours a week I work (less than minimum wage). I am not complaining, mind you. This little shop of mine is a labor of love.
So remember ladies, our prices are fair, so be fair. If you love our shop then support our shop. Our bodies may not be, but our prices are firm. Thanks for listening.
Love Kelly

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Channeling: Developing your intuition...

Hey Everyone,

I have just discovered while reading this great book that I have psychic ability. I always thought it was psycho ability but I was soooo wrong. So now I can offer our customers free readings and advise about their purchases, and help you decide exactly the right furniture, accessories, and clothing for all your needs and aura's.

Please feel free to be drawn to my powerful, positive energy on the three days a week that I work which are usually Wed, Thurs, and Sat. This is of course subject to change if I sense through my intuitive ability that something else may be coming into my life that needs taking care of.

And remember, though I will always be open to offering my metaphysical abilities to anyone with love, and abundance...I don't do windows.

Love Your Intuitive Advisor,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Jewelry

New jewelry has just arrived at Second Hand Chic. Local jewelry designer, Wendy Rice has provided us with this delightful collection of French inspired pendants. Ooo lala!

Apparel Clearance

In addition to carrying a variety of unique items for your home, Second Hand Chic also has gently used apparel for women. The weather is warming up so we have just marked down our remaining winter clothing. We have the brands you love like Coldwater Creek, Ann Taylor, Chico's, Banana Republic and Liz Claibourne. There's nothing over $16 on this clearance rack! So hurry in for some fabulous deals.

Old Hawaii

My husband and I are traveling to Maui in a few days to visit my daughter, Heather. I've been perusing some photos of last year's trip to The Big Island. Some people take pictures of sunsets and waterfalls. It seems I am drawn to all things old and rusty. I find their aging patina and broken-in charm utterly appealing. My favorite was this hand-made sign, "Watch for Keiki". Keiki is the Hawaiian word for children.

An old church along the Hamakua Coast.
We stayed in the home of some wonderful freinds, Marlena and Tracey Tumlin. They had a beautiful garden with lovely stauary.

The charming little town of Hakalau. I wish I could fit that sign into my suit case.

I love old cemeteries.

My husband spotted this old door. It is a remnant from the Hakalau Sugar Mill that was in built in the 1920's.
So, while in Maui next week I will be on the look out for old and rusty photo opportunities.
Aloha, Kelly

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Arrivals

It's Monday morning at Second Hand Chic and you know what that merchandise! Every Sunday I scour the estate sales of Salt Lake City hoping to find that unique item.

Check out these beauties...a set of bust forms at $75 each.

This painted buffet in a creamy shade is 5 1/2' long. Enough storage for all your china, cutlery and table linens. $200.

An adorable vintage chair for your powder room. $35.

Feather your nest with this luxurous set of toss pillows. $50.

A brass lion at $20.

This Asian inspired cupboard will add drama to any space. $200.

This vintage print of a colonial scene for a classic touch. $45.

Set of 2 fushcia velvet slipper chairs. $120.

This little oval table has great lines. $45.

Everybody needs a poodle around the house. White: $35, Black: $18.

So stop by if you are in the neighborhood and see what's new at Second Hand Chic.

Love, Kelly

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The Second Hand Chicks are crazy about aprons. But don't think that we are gourmet cooks! We wear them as a fashion statement. Even a frozen entree tastes better when served wearing a cute and sassy vintage apron.

Here at Second Hand Chic, we carry a large assortment of vintage aprons. We love our aprons so much that we have bestowed upon each a special name befitting it's unique charm. For example... This little number we call "The Cheese Stands alone".
This beauty we call "Scandinavian Scandal"

The pink sixties apron is "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha"

This gingham gem is "Cowgirls Never Get the Blues"

"Paisley Promises"

"I want a Divorce!"

"You Don't Bring Me Flowers, Anymore"

"Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes"

My daughter, Emily...she'll make someone a lovely wife one day, don't you think?
Love, Kelly

Sugar House Stroll

Salt Lake City celebrates Water Week with Brolly Arts and the Sugar House Stroll on Friday, May 8.The streets of Sugar House came alive with art, music, dance, food and fun! Second Hand Chic, a participating merchant joined in the festivites. For more info:

Connie is on hand to assist the customers.
Second Hand Chic offers a variety of vintage hats for modeled by my cute husband, John.

Guest artist, Glen Eurick, a local photographer dispays his work at Second Hand Chic.

This one is my favorite.

Rose Call demonstrates her technique at the potter's wheel.

Liz takes a spin.

She is a natural with the clay!

Pooches are always welcome at the Stroll.

The Slick Rock Gypsies entertain the crowd.

Tiny Dancer.

Karen Keely, owner of Serendipity greets a customer. Robert is on hand for the heavy lifting.

Secrets are revealed on "The Couch of Truth".

Eric and Caleb take break from the festivities.

What a fun evening but I'm exhausted.
The Second Hand Chicks want to remind you to use water wisely. For more info: waterweek.htm
Love, Kelly