Saturday, May 9, 2009

Life at Roadside

It's Springtime in Salt Lake City and you know what that clean-up. It's a proud junking tradition here in Zion. The gutters are lined with gold, just waiting to be picked up, hosed off and proudly displayed. You were promised down and dirty in this blog so here it is.
There are some finer points to retrieving that special treasure form the side of the road. Not all junk is good junk. To wit: old mattress: bad junk. Vintage TV tray: good junk.
Television: bad junk. Wheelbarrow: good junk. Are you getting the non-digital picture?

Some junk may require more love than other junk. Like this broken chair. Examine chair for sturdiness. You can cut off the top half with the missing spindles, paint it a fun color and oila! You have a handy dandy stool.

After a quick hosing, this picket fence is going right to my shop. It will be a whimsical addition to the garden display.

It's a race against time before the orange trucks arrive to haul everything off to the landfill. Remember, these trucks are bigger than you so it's usually not worth it to pick a fight over that broken chair. Just get over it and move on to the next pile.

So happy roadside scavenging. Have fun, wear gloves, think outside the box and be careful out there. By the way, John loves his new wheelbarrow.
Love, Kelly


  1. Why-oh-why doesn't my area have these city-wide cleanups???

  2. I saw that truck without reading the post first and was begining to wonder if you were out in it picking up all your fun finds haha! Now THAT would be fun!! I guess you could always use the wheelbarrow to haul it all away :)

    xo Molly

  3. I wish! Can you just picture me behind the wheel of that big orange truck?