Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Wedding Quilt

Have I mentioned that I love old quilts? I suppose obsession would be a better word than love. If I were Superman, quilts would be my Kryptonite.
The feel of those soft, hand-sewn squares of fabric makes my heart skip a beat.
When customers in my shop ask me how I manage to part with the beautiful things that come through my door, I reply,"They are just things and I don't let myself get attached to them. I am happy that they go to a good home."
This applies to everything but my collection of old quilts. I guard it jealously. There was a time when I used to keep my collection folded neatly on a shelf in the livingroom but people kept using them to sleep on! Horrors! Now my precious quilts are stored away in a locked room in the basement. I think I need a 12 step program.

John and I are happy to announce the marriage of our cute daughter Karen to a wondeful man. This is the one and only blessed event that could allow me to give up one of my beloved quilts. So congratulations to Karen and Justin...I hope this quilt will give them as much joy that it has given me over the years. This quilt is going to a good home.

Here is a quilt that I have been saving to give as a gift upon the birth of my first grandchild. It has the sweetest little hand-stitched squares depicting Mother Goose nursery rhymes. With an adorable quilt like this as an enticement I'll be grandma in no time. Are you reading this, Karen?
Love, Kelly

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