Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Next weekend my husband and I will be heading to Maui to visit my daughter, Heather who recently moved there. I'll have you know this will be a working vacation. Here is a photo of me during our trip to Hawaii last summer. We were walking down the street in Hilo and lo and behold...I spotted the Salvation Army! My travelling companions were confused. "You are on vacation", they protested. Why would you want to go into that place? My brother in law, Todd says thrift stores make him itchy.
So, while I'm in Maui next week, I'll be on the look out for the Salvation Army. Being the serious "junker" that I am, I just can't resist the lure of a thrift store. I am drawn like a magnet! My work never ends! Here today, gone to Maui!
Love, Kelly

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