Saturday, May 2, 2009

This blog is devoted to the "second hand lifestyle" here in Salt Lake City, Utah. It will not be one of those slick and glossy blogs that romanticizes vintage items. There will be no photos of my beautiful home furnished with lovely antiques. This blog will be a down and dirty account of finding and rescuing vintage treasures.
My name is Kelly and this is my shop: Second Hand Chic. It's full of well-loved home furnishings, accessories and gently-worn clothing for women. Our mix of old and new reflects a new approach to feathering your nest. It's okay to have grandma's coffee table placed in front of a sofa from IKEA. It's a kinder, gentler attitude towards decorating. Your home should reflect the people who live there.
So stay tuned for more blogging adventures. Witness exciting (and sometimes dangerous) trips to the "DI" when the cart gets rolled out. Join us at weekend estate sales where we fight off spiders in the tool shed. Thrill at our roadside scavenging during city clean-up. Watch as we reveal little-known techniques for restoring that special prize we saved from certain death at the landfill.
We look forward to sharing our stories and hopefully entertaining and enlightening you. We want to hear of your second hand adventures, too.
Stay tuned.....


  1. OMG! I love your new blog. Your generous
    Vintage Train Bag" filled with the lovely items from your store was very popular amongst the ladies at the Madeleine Choir School Auction. I had too much to drink to decipher the final bid though. Thank you for your kindness. The money is going to a great cause, and the lucky winner is just that... LUCKY!

  2. My first blog comment! I'm so excited!
    I'm happy that the Train Case was a hit with the ladies. I look forward to meeting her when she comes in to redeem her GC.

    Sounds like an evening to remember, or not.

  3. Oh Oh Oh My...GOSH !!!! We (Lis and Lisa Show) love it !!! We're thinkin it's a toss between your love of vintage and your love of writing. Wow, we are really impressed with your story telling abilities, for real, you've got skills !!!

  4. Hi again sweet lady... I wanted to read your very first post... I adore you!!! Your sense of humor is wonderful! I laugh every day of my life, mostly at myself, I cannot imagine a life without laughter... you are so down to earth... I love your description of what your blog will be... I love your comment about scavenging during city cleanup on the curbsides... my favorite! My whole family loves to scavenge (well, maybe not Jack so much, but he is getting used to our escapades!) We joke that my sister's husband is the only person who can come home from the dump with more stuff than he took out there! Off to read more of your posts... this is so fun! xoxo Julie Marie