Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Well, after 9 years in business, Second Hand Chic is officially closed! Needless to say, there are mixed emotions: relief is the first one that comes to mind. As you can imagine, running a shop has been more exhausting labor than I ever imagined it would be. But there are no regrets here. During the past nine years I have had the rare opportunity to get to know so many wonderful people, our customers. This is what we will miss the most. One in particular that comes to mind, a special lady, Gail, who provided us with this cake on our final day of business. Thanks, Gail, you are the best!

I must admit that I have enjoyed all the hunting and gathering that is required of owning a shop. I plan to continue shopping the estate sales and thrift stores of Salt Lake City but now it will be on a smaller scale since I will just be purchasing for myself. I also look forward to having more time to actually decorate my own house and garden since during the past nine years I have sadly neglected my personal surroundings.

Thanks again, Salt Lake City, for nine fabulous years!

Love, Kelly