Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Just In

We just got this Secretary in the shop. Isn't it a beauty?

All this beauty for only $500!
In this politically correct day and age though, maybe we should rename it an "Administrative Assistant". Tee Hee.

Love, Kelly

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Apparel Sale

All Apparel at Second Hand Chic is 20% Off!

Sale Ends Friday, July 2nd

Hurry In For Best Selection.

SECOND HAND CHIC will be closed Sat, Sun & Mon, July 3,4 & 5. for the Holiday Weekend.

Have a great Fourth of July!

Love, Kelly

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tour de Coop

On Saturday Poopsie and I attended the Tour de Coop. It's an event sponsored by Wasatch Community Gardens to promote awareness of backyard chicken coops. The event is a great opportunity to learn more about raising urban chickens.
And of course, you can't have the birds without the bees. One of the families on the tour has a company bring in a couple of hives for the purpose of pollinating their vegetable garden.
The children on the tour seemed to really enjoy viewing the coops.

It was interesting to see the variety of coops. I think poking around other people's yard is fun, too.
This is the coop of Melissa and Bernard. I was impressed by their bountiful waterwise garden. Their backyard is a little food factory urban homestead. Bernard said their motivation for raising chickens is the manure. He has quite the impressive composting set up.
Now here is a man who is "into" manure!
Their raised vegetable gardens were a real inspiration.

Here is one of their Buff Orpingtons working hard on an egg right now. They have named their chickens after Jane Austin characters. So clever.
The lesson learned from the Tour de Coop is that you don't have to have a fancy and elaborate coop to raise backyard chickens. Christy has a flock of hens that free ranges her back yard during the day.

They spend the night in this simple yet sturdy hutch.
The coop of Sam and Bogart was the highlight of the tour for me. Their coop has a very modern sensibility which reflects the Asian look of their yard and bungalow. Their backyard was surrounded by the most fabulous bamboo fencing. I told Poopsie we need one of these.
...As well as the only "turkin" on the tour!
They have a large enclosed area for the birds to roam freely and three nesting boxes.

Poopsie and I learned so much on the tour this year. We spent the rest of the weekend working on our coop.
Love, Kelly

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shop for Sale

It's official. I have finally decided to put my shop on the market. I have given the issue much thought and have decided that I have so many other projects I've been putting on the back burner for long enough. I have had my little shop for five years now and it has been such a wonderful experience in so many ways. But it's time for me to move on. If I had a nickel for everyone who has come into my shop over the years and has said, "I've always wanted to have a shop of my own", I'd be a wealthy woman! Well, now is your chance to realize that dream!
In the meantime, though it will be business as usual over here at Second Hand Chic. I'll still be out searching for treasures and our business hours will be the same: Mon-Sat 10-6.

If you are seriously interested please check out the MLS listing.

Love, Kelly

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kirsten Krason Interiors

I wanted to let you all know about a wonderful young designer. Kirsten Krason is an Interior Designer who lives and works here in Salt Lake City. Kirsten was in my shop today and it was so fun chatting with her and "talkin' shop". She also has a fabulous blog so you can check out her work: 6th Street Design School. I think you'll love her fresh modern style. Her rates are very reasonable and even if you don't live here in Utah you can use her E Design Services.

Love, Kelly

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Country Life

This weekend Poopsie and I drove up to Rigby, Idaho for his family reunion. His mother grew up in this farm house. Poopsie and his siblings spent every summer of his childhood visiting the old farm of his mother's youth. They would drive up from Salt Lake City (all 6 of them) crammed into the family VW Bug. He has such fond memories of his summers spent on the farm.

All of the original buildings are still standing and were remarkably well-preserved.

Here is the granary.

The old root cellar.

Here is the old chicken coop. Poopsie and his brothers and sisters would check for eggs every fifteen minutes. He said his sweet old grandpa never got upset about the grandkids pestering the chickens constantly.
Raspberry bushes.

What a peaceful serene. Even the cows seem happy here.

Love, Kelly

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chicken Week

June 21st to June 26th is Wasatch Community Gardens Chicken Week. It's an opportunity for Salt Lake City to celebrate the joys of urban "eggriculture". There will be an Urban Chicken Workshop, Early Bird Brunch and the 5th Anual Tour de Coop.
If you've been considering starting your own coop here in Salt Lake City it will be a great opportunity to mingle with "chicken people" and learn about how fun raising urban chickens can be.
For more information check out the Wasatch Community Gardens website.
Chicken artwork by local artist Leia Bell.
Love, Kelly

Rattan Makeover

I found this ho hum rattan coffee table at the thrifts last week. It has a real Seventies vibe, don't you think?
But look what a little spray paint and black glaze can do for it! It's now for sale at the shop for only $89.

Love, Kelly

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who Ate My Lettuce?

I'd like to know what little creature is taking a trip to my salad bar. Who ever he is he apparently prefers the Butter Crisp variety of lettuce. The adjacent rows of greens on either side remained untouched by this cheeky devil.

I know it's not this guy because he's made of plastic.
He also seems to prefer the tasty leaves of my fledgling watermelon. Now I know how Farmer MacGregor felt.

Love, Kelly