Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Country Life

This weekend Poopsie and I drove up to Rigby, Idaho for his family reunion. His mother grew up in this farm house. Poopsie and his siblings spent every summer of his childhood visiting the old farm of his mother's youth. They would drive up from Salt Lake City (all 6 of them) crammed into the family VW Bug. He has such fond memories of his summers spent on the farm.

All of the original buildings are still standing and were remarkably well-preserved.

Here is the granary.

The old root cellar.

Here is the old chicken coop. Poopsie and his brothers and sisters would check for eggs every fifteen minutes. He said his sweet old grandpa never got upset about the grandkids pestering the chickens constantly.
Raspberry bushes.

What a peaceful serene. Even the cows seem happy here.

Love, Kelly


  1. Hey Kelly....!

    What a FABULOUS place to have been able to visit while growing up....You just can't beat holidays in the country can you....I can just imagine all the adventures they would have had....Makes me smile BIG TIME just thinking about it as I come from the country & used to have holidays at MY Nan & Pops in an even SMALLER country town each Christmas....Those WERE the days my Friend....!

    Hope you both have an AWESOME week....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Beautiful place and wonderful photos - thanks for taking us along :-)

  3. Oh Kelly, that is my dream home and property! Who lives there now? Is it still in the family? I would so love to live in a little town and home like that... thanks so much for sharing... xoxo Julie

  4. I would love to live or visit a farm like that often annie in brigham