Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Sugar House Merchant's Association presents the 10th Annual 4th of July Sugar House Arts Festival. Boasting Salt Lake City's premier artists and craftsman, live music and food booths, the event is designed to enhance the holiday festivities leading up to the fireworks display held in Sugar House Park.

Second Hand Chic will be open on Saturday, the 4th of July from 10 AM to 7 PM. To celebrate the holiday, we will be all decked out in red, white and blue. Refreshments will be served.

So, while you are in Sugar house for the Arts Festival, be sure to stop by for a treat and have a look around. Hope to see you there!

For more info on this event:http://www.sugarhouselife.com/

Love, Kelly

Monday, June 29, 2009

The New Century Collector

The first day of each month I get a visit from my friend Dennis Barker. He comes in to deliver a stack of the latest edition of the "New Century Collector". Dennis is the editor of this monthly publication that features the latest antiques news and information in Utah and Idaho. New Century Collector is THE source for all of you antique and collectible shoppers out there. Monthly features include a calender of events listing upcoming auctions and shows, maps to locate your favorite shops, through-the-alphabet antiques dictionary (G is for Gout Stool), shop owner profiles and many other entertaining and informative articles and tidbits.

Dennis is a perfectionist and his attention to detail is apparent in each and every page of this fine publication. This month's featured story is an article about Vintage Ladies Compacts. And by the way, for you shop owners out there, his advertising rates are very reasonable. You can also have your shop listed on the map for only $20 a month!

On a personal note, Dennis is an avid collector of vintage sports memorabilia and equipment. His assortment of Utah golf trophies is quite impressive! Dennis has also been very involved in the ongoing legislative battles between our lawmakers and antique dealers. The antiques dealers of Utah are lucky to have Dennis on our side!

So grab a free copy of the New Century Collector the next time you are in Second Hand Chic or at most other purveyors of antiques in the Salt Lake Valley. Of course, you can check it out on the web at:


Keep up the good work, Dennis

Love, Kelly

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hen Picked or Hand Picked?

Anyone reading Kelly's last post would have to agree how endearing it is. Adding the serenity of a simple "Country Life" to "Urban Chaos" is the all American dream, isn't it? In my mind it certainly is! If you know John and Kelly, then you are aware that lover's lane was named after them. Trust me when I say this in the most, healthy, team oriented, workaholic, OCD way, you would see the true origin of that wacky song by Donny and Marie Osmond, "I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit Rock in Roll". They are the best of everything rolled into two bundles of self-contained joy.
Every time I see John, or Poopsie as he is so lovingly called, I think to myself: hmmm, I gotta get me one of those. He is one of the greatest guys I know. Anyone that has heard my ranting and raving about the male species KNOWS I don't say that lightly. Of course as all you single, incredible women out there will agree, every man I truly admire happens to have a wife attached to him. That is the way it goes I guess. Which is the only reason I secretly can't wait for Polygamy to come back into fashion...especially since every group of females I know can't seem to go to the bathroom alone anyway.
So I just added this day dream to my mind: one great house with great furniture, a wildbird garden in the back, a secondhand store, metal creations, which is John's line of work, the dogs, the cats, the hens, the beehives, Pygmy goats, the combined group of children from previous marriages, baggage from every prior relationship that it took you to finally hook up with each other in this cosmic rolling ball we call earth hurtling through space at who knows how many millions of miles per hour, a pierced nose, tattoos, painted toenails, great boobs, and the child like hippie spirit that roars free within my mind and body you would have my ideal life....and oh yeah, beer, lots and lots of beer!

Love, Connie

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Birds and the Bees

For years, I've been trying to convince my husband that we should have a backyard chicken coop. Imagine the fresh eggs every day and not to imagine the natural pest control. But he insists that with three cats and one completely spoiled miniature dacshund in the house plus all their accompanying feces we just can't handle anymore animals. So when I heard that the Wasatch Community Gardens was sponsoring their annual "Tour de Coops" I figured this would do the trick.

The Tour de Coops was designed to gather energy, raise awareness, and share ideas about urban chicken tending in Salt Lake City.

The chicken coops on the tour were varied and appeared to reflect the personalities of their owners. It was fun meeting all the "chicken people" and fortunately for my cause, they sang the praises of urban chicken ownership. Did you know that if you mix diatamaceous earth into your chicken feed it eliminates the fly population around the coop?

I was a little embarased when John asked one of the chicken owners if they ever ate their chickens. How could you eat something that your child played with? Children should play with their food AFTER it is on their plate!

I found the gentle clucking of the hens very soothing. It was fun to watch them strut around the yard and scratch in the dirt looking for bugs. I felt as if, for a brief moment, I had been magically transported to the country.

And now for the highlight of the tour...honeybees! This sure got my husband's attention. There is nothing more exciting than a bunch of swarming bees around a honeycomb. Apparently backyard honeybee hives have become all the rage.

I think John and I have come to an agreement...he can have the bees if I can have the birds. Fair enough.
For more information on the Tour de Coops contact: http://www.wasatchgardens.org/
Love, Kelly

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boutique Booty

Here in Utah, we are blessed to have the Deseret Industries thrift store. They are always well stocked with reasonably-priced merchandise, impeccably clean and there's practically one on every corner. We affectionately refer to the DI as "The Boutique". Last night, since my husband was working late, I thought I'd make a quick after-work DI run. It's usually slim pickens in the early evening hours because the pickers have spent the day looting and pillaging the aisles. Last night, I hit the jackpot. Feast your eyes on the treasures I scored. The ultimate was this old boardgame, "Head of the Class" for only $2.00!
When I was a kid, we did not have this game. I imagine if we did, my childhood would have been a happy one. Sigh.

I'm conflicted about wether or not I should sell the game in my shop.
Maybe I should keep the game and use it to lure my adult children over to the house some evening for a rousing game of "Head of the Class" with their aging parents. It just might be the ticket that brings us closer as a family unit. Then again, maybe not. I was brainwashed as a child, by all of those advertisements on TV of the happy, boisterous families gathered around the board game. My childhood memories of family game night consisted of my father always "cleaning our clocks" at Monopoly. There was a certain schadenfreud in his gleeful gloating. Just another family night of psyco-drama. I can still hear the screams of the children when I close my eyes. I think I need more therapy. On second thought, I'll just sell the bloody game at the shop.
Love, Kelly

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'd Like to thank the Little People...

The automatic sprinkler or "Rainbird" as it is called, started its history from 1872-1992. I seem to have a certain affinity with various elements; one is water, and the other is metal. When this little number came into the shop I JUST had to have it. I actually have decorated my bathroom in water elements with old sprinkler knobs, rocks, and candles. It's my own little take on the spa experience using the things I love. This little sweetie went with my other rainbird that was a different version. Placed in my kitchen, I can lovingly look at both while I do the dishes and dream of running through the sprinklers or washing my car with a tight wet white t-shirt on, covered in soap with Paris Hilton doing a "Carls Junior" commerial. I LOVE being famous... even if it is only for 15 minutes.

No mascara, and still breath takingly beautiful! Notice the moist parted lips..."Mick Jager eat your heart out".

I cry for those of you that can't cry, that are afraid to cry, that look ugly when you do cry....

View my trophy with envy, covet me- go on, break one of the 10 commandments-- "you know you want too".

End of the Affair

I used to have a magazine addiction. Things are diferent now. With my recent discovery of the wonderful world of blogging, magazines just don't do it for me anymore. With so many decorating and lifestyle blogs out there, up-to-the-minute fashion and interior design are at my fingertips. My love affair with magazines began at the tender age of twelve when I purchased a subscription to "Young Miss" magazine. I anxiously awaited the arrival of my copy of Young Miss every month. The moment it appeared in the mailbox I snatched it, headed for my bedroom, locked the door and poured over each page. By reading the pages of this pre-pubescent publication I learned all that I needed to know about boys, skin care, eating disorders and of course the latest fashions of 1972.
Lately I've noticed my dissatisfaction with magazines growing. I find the ratio of articles to advertisements increasingly annoying. And then there's the environmental issue of all those trees sacrificing their lives so we can see Oprah in the check-out line at the grocery store. I could see the writing on the wall. It's been fun but it's time to move on. I'll always cherish what we had together.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

There's a New Chick in Town

Since Second Hand Chic is a family-run business we are big believers in nepotism. Meet out newest employee, Karrie Gomez. She just happens to be Connie's sister. Karrie is what you would call a domestic goddess. Her skills around the house would make even Martha Stewart envious. An excellent cook, Karrie loves to throw parties and goes all out for every occasion. Karrie also does vinyl lettering and is an avid scrapbooker. And as you can see from the photo she reads only the finest literature! I'm excited to have Karrie on board because she loves to iron!

Karrie contemplates what her first purchase with her employee discount will be. Choose wisely...

So come down to Second Hand Chic and get to know Karrie. She'll be working every Saturday with her sister. Hopefully they'll get along and I won't have to send them to their rooms!

Love, Kelly

Friday, June 19, 2009

Let's Go Shopping...at Abode

5 Years ago Miriam Sabir purchased Simply Home, a small consignment shop on the corner of 9th East and 13th South. She soon outgrew her tiny shop and 1 year later opened a second location just up the street. With her new shop, Abode in operation, she had more space for her ever-expanding assortment of vintage treasures. Miriam describes the offerings in Abode as "Fun, Funky and Functional".

Stefanie Link, former owner of The Pink Door in Sandy, joined the Abode team last year. Stefanie says she loves her job and is drawn to vintage items because they tell a story.

Strolling through the aisles of Abode is like taking a trip to the past.
I think you'll agree that Abode has the most adorable array of vintage items in Salt lake City. You will find a little of everything here.

Abode: Home and Garden Consignment is located at 1720 South 900 East, Salt Lake City. Visit the website at http://www.abodepfm.com/ or call: 801.486-2633.
So, don't let the road construction keep you away. It's well worth the effort.
Love, Kelly