Monday, June 1, 2009

Art of Trash

One man's trash is truly another man's treasure. While in Maui last week we happened upon the "Art of Trash" exhibit in the Maui Mall of Kahului.

The exhibit showcases the work of artists, using discarded items as their medium and transforming them into creative works of art.

The Art of Trash is the brainchild of Ira Ono, a resident of the Big Island. His goal is to use art as a tool to convey the importance of recycling.

A bookcase made of, what else...books!

This little sink was my favorite. It even had a drip.
A nest made out of driftwood.

A great reason to start drinking more wine!

This "gong", made of an old saw blade, when struck with a piece of driftwood actually sounded like one of those expensive gongs you buy at the new age store.

This "drum set" is fabricated with plastic buckets and metal tubs.
The coolest thing about this exhibit is that you were alowed to touch the art.

This "guitar" is made of a wooden cigar box.

The "cello" was a former wheelbarrow. The banjo was a washtub in a previous life.

So think twice before you take that trash can out to the curb. It could contain a masterpiece!
Love, Kelly


  1. This is SO COOL!!! I wish I were in Hawaii so I could see it...and, you know, so I could be in Hawaii. ;)


  2. It seems people in Hawaii are more into recycling because they live in such a beautiful environment and they realize it takes an effort to maintain it. We could learn alot from them here on the mainland...especially here in Utah.

  3. so glad to see pics of people enjoying the instruments. they were fun to make. many parts including screws and wood glue were found in the local landfill.
    Robert Sargenti.
    I have a video of friends jamming on them on youtube. search kamakunga