Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Customers come into my shop and ooh and ahh over all the cuteness. They say, "Wow... your house must be soooo adorable!" In reality, I spend so much time making my shop presentable that my own home resembles a ghetto. I've lost all interest in housework. I've spent lots of time online lately, perusing blogs by other shop owners. They post pictures of their fabulous homes, beautifully put together. I have to wonder how they do it. Do they really live in these homes or are just sneaking into their neighbor's house when they're on vacation and taking photos? Four years ago, when I opened Second Hand Chic I imagined that I would make so much money I could afford to hire a housekeeper. How delusional of me. Maybe I should put a collection jar on the counter asking for donations to my housekeeper fund and everytime one of those customers says that my own home must be beautiful I'll point to the jar. But for now, my husband and I will have to continue to live in filfth. Maybe we should just move into the shop. The bathroom there is spotless.
Love, Kelly

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