Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meet Mary...a Picker's Profile

Every weekday at 10 AM you'll find Mary Cartwright waiting at the entrance of the Sugar House Deseret Industries. She waits with the other "pickers" for the doors to open and the race to begin. The race to find second hand merchandise to resell. As the backroom doors swing open and the carts roll out, the pickers swarm but Mary always waits patiently for her turn at the cart. She is one of the polite pickers. There are some here who grab and claw their way around the carts, elbowing others out of the way. Mary looks for vintage and contemporary home decor and small furniture pieces she can spruce up with a little paint. She then brings these treasures to local consignment shops like Emilie Jane and Home Again. She estimates her take home pay after about 35 hours of work per month is $800. Not too shabby for a part time gig.
You meet the nicest people at the DI!
Love, Kelly


  1. EVERY DAY at the Boutique? Oh my that is dedication!! She deserves to earn more than that I believe!! Raise your prices Mary! lol!

  2. If you do the math, Mary clears $22 an hour. That's alot more than what I clear after working my usual 60 hour week!