Saturday, June 6, 2009

Emily's Chair

Every year at this time my husband John and I attempt to spruce up the yard. We pull weeds, rake up debris and haul trash to the curb for city clean-up. I was about to haul off this old broken chair when John protested. "That's Emily's chair! We can't throw that away!" Our daughter Emily, who recently left for college set up this old chair on her "porch" ( a window well outside her basement bedroom). The chair was in such sad shape it was even too junky for my shop but she liked the polka dots, claimed it as her own and proudly displayed it on her porch. When Emily left for college last fall, I couldn't wait to clean out her room and transform it into my crafting room. John grabbed the chair and gave it a prominent spot in the garden.
Some folks look at baby photos to remind them of their children that are grown and have left the nest. John and I have this lovely old chair to remind us of our sweet Emily. Emily is blessed with the ability to see beauty in ordinary objects and this chair will be a everday reminder for John and I.
Love, Kelly

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