Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Birds and the Bees

For years, I've been trying to convince my husband that we should have a backyard chicken coop. Imagine the fresh eggs every day and not to imagine the natural pest control. But he insists that with three cats and one completely spoiled miniature dacshund in the house plus all their accompanying feces we just can't handle anymore animals. So when I heard that the Wasatch Community Gardens was sponsoring their annual "Tour de Coops" I figured this would do the trick.

The Tour de Coops was designed to gather energy, raise awareness, and share ideas about urban chicken tending in Salt Lake City.

The chicken coops on the tour were varied and appeared to reflect the personalities of their owners. It was fun meeting all the "chicken people" and fortunately for my cause, they sang the praises of urban chicken ownership. Did you know that if you mix diatamaceous earth into your chicken feed it eliminates the fly population around the coop?

I was a little embarased when John asked one of the chicken owners if they ever ate their chickens. How could you eat something that your child played with? Children should play with their food AFTER it is on their plate!

I found the gentle clucking of the hens very soothing. It was fun to watch them strut around the yard and scratch in the dirt looking for bugs. I felt as if, for a brief moment, I had been magically transported to the country.

And now for the highlight of the tour...honeybees! This sure got my husband's attention. There is nothing more exciting than a bunch of swarming bees around a honeycomb. Apparently backyard honeybee hives have become all the rage.

I think John and I have come to an agreement...he can have the bees if I can have the birds. Fair enough.
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Love, Kelly

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  1. I have VERY fond memories of my Grandmothers back yard as a child. She had 3 hives in her backyard and I got to help her with the honey. She also had chickens and such. Funny thing is she grew up in the depression to a well off family who were all about being Green when the Depression hit and they lived in this refined house and you would never know in the back yard there was this zoo tee funny to me to see everyone being "green" now when this is what I grew up with and had that example from day one. Can't wait to see your chickens...will you bring them in the cluck around the shop? I hope so !