Monday, June 22, 2009

I'd Like to thank the Little People...

The automatic sprinkler or "Rainbird" as it is called, started its history from 1872-1992. I seem to have a certain affinity with various elements; one is water, and the other is metal. When this little number came into the shop I JUST had to have it. I actually have decorated my bathroom in water elements with old sprinkler knobs, rocks, and candles. It's my own little take on the spa experience using the things I love. This little sweetie went with my other rainbird that was a different version. Placed in my kitchen, I can lovingly look at both while I do the dishes and dream of running through the sprinklers or washing my car with a tight wet white t-shirt on, covered in soap with Paris Hilton doing a "Carls Junior" commerial. I LOVE being famous... even if it is only for 15 minutes.

No mascara, and still breath takingly beautiful! Notice the moist parted lips..."Mick Jager eat your heart out".

I cry for those of you that can't cry, that are afraid to cry, that look ugly when you do cry....

View my trophy with envy, covet me- go on, break one of the 10 commandments-- "you know you want too".

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  1. OMG I am Laughing SO HARD at this post!!! Thanks for making my night! I can sleep better now dreaming of "water elements" and Connie scrubbing dishes under their watch. ROFL!