Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thrift Shopping...Hawaiian Style

So here is the lowdown on thrifting in Maui. It's slim pickins. Like everything else on this island, it's too expensive. First stop, Savers in Kahului. You will see that there is not alot of "saving" going on inside.
They want $12.99 for this ordinary plate. I don't think so.

This clay pot is cute but at $15.99 I think I'll pass.

A vintage magazine holder priced at $7.99. Not a bad price but nothing to write home about.

This set of vintage glasses was priced 50 cents per glass...why they didn't price it as a set is a mystery. These are a good deal but I dare not try to pack them in my suitcase.

This pyrex dish was $6.99 and was missing the lid.

This vintage plate was pretty but at $15.99 it was not a good value.

Heather is ready for the Homecoming Dance!

So we say "Aloha" to Savers. In general, the prices were too high. We did find a few items...a mosquito net at $12.99 for Heather's shed (see next post), a Coldwater Creek skirt for $9.99 and a pair of Willi Smith cropped pants for $6.99.

We located the Salvation Army in Lahaina. It was hot as an oven inside so shopping was quite the ordeal.

When shopping for used merchandise it's important to examine each item for damage. I'm sweating like pig, by the way.

This Dr. Suess inspired hat gets the double shaka from Heather.

This little beach sign was cute but it was not for sale. The clerk said they needed it to dispay magnets...if they ever get any in. Go figure.

Heather found a few must have items to add to her wardrobe. It's important to look your best when you live in a shed (see next post).

This patio set was a great value at $35.

Various and sundry items available at a reasonable price.

So we say, "Adios" to the Salvation Army, a fine organization that does much good for those in need. Today however, was a less than satisfying thrifting experience.
Love, Kelly

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