Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Channeling: Developing your intuition...

Hey Everyone,

I have just discovered while reading this great book that I have psychic ability. I always thought it was psycho ability but I was soooo wrong. So now I can offer our customers free readings and advise about their purchases, and help you decide exactly the right furniture, accessories, and clothing for all your needs and aura's.

Please feel free to be drawn to my powerful, positive energy on the three days a week that I work which are usually Wed, Thurs, and Sat. This is of course subject to change if I sense through my intuitive ability that something else may be coming into my life that needs taking care of.

And remember, though I will always be open to offering my metaphysical abilities to anyone with love, and abundance...I don't do windows.

Love Your Intuitive Advisor,

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  1. Connie, you are so funny! I can't believe the way your mind thinks. But you always make me laugh and have great ideas. Thank you.