Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby Doll Memories

Ever Feel like someone is watching you? Maybe its your sweet baby dolls from years of youth when you loved them and were inseparable. Remember how older brothers tortured you by hiding them or holding them ransom? Even going as far as to dis-member them or pull their hair out?

But quietly at night when you were snuggled in bed with the spring air gently lulling you to sleep there was no one better to whisper your secrets too, or hold you tightly back then your dolly. We gain our practice for motherhood, shopping, fixing dinner, teaching, and gaining medical assistance experience with the help of our loving playmates.

But as we grow we often forget about the little things that kept us stable, and gave us comfort even though we are able to move through our lives with the experiences we were rewarded with by such gifts. So every now and then please stop and pick up a baby doll, and cuddle her in the thrift store, secondhand store, doll hospital, or your own children's rooms...

Whisper in her, or his ear those loving secrets, cooing words, and relive those memories of times gone by. And if nothing else think tonight right before you fall asleep of all those freaky, posessed doll zombie movies, and know that they are true and you are not alone. It's not your imagination.

Love, Dolly (Connie)

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