Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Second Hand Chic we strive to offer our customers unique, high quality merchandise at a reasonable price. It is puzzling, therefore that so many times we are asked to take less for an item. In response to this strange behavior we have placed signs through out the shop stating that our prices are firm. We can't help but take it personally and feel a little insulted. You would not ask the lady who rings you up at Albertsons if she will take 50 cents for a loaf of bread that is marked $1.00. This is a shop, not a yard sale. We have overhead: rent, utilities, payroll, merchandise costs, etc. Don't ask what my take home salary is after I account for the 60 hours a week I work (less than minimum wage). I am not complaining, mind you. This little shop of mine is a labor of love.
So remember ladies, our prices are fair, so be fair. If you love our shop then support our shop. Our bodies may not be, but our prices are firm. Thanks for listening.
Love Kelly

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