Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Staff

I could not have pulled it off without my handy husband, John. Thanks for everything, Poopsie!
Heather offers service with a peace sign.

We love pink here at Second Hand Chic.

The hardest part of having a family business is that you have to hire your children! Seriously, the girls have done a great job maning the shop. The greatest challenge was training them on how to count back change. They were convinced this was as difficult as solving a complicated mathematical equation! You are just counting...honestly!
It has been a great opportunity for John and I to spend quality time with the girls. We have to pay them to hang with us but at least we know what they are up to!

Emily, apron model and domestic goddess.

Caitlin and Karen; dancing queens.

Our daughters Emily and Heather. They are great with toddlers but can't work the same shift because of sibling rivalry. Heather gets fired every week!

Our daughter, Karen. She has a unique fashion sense.

Athena potty-mouth Mcgee...Those using profanity on the sales floor get sent to the back room to paint furniture. Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain.

Our daughter, Leah. She spends lots of time painting furniture behind the curtain, too. I need to start washing their mouths out with soap!

My husband, John. He works for food.

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