Monday, May 11, 2009

How to live a Fairytale Life...

I always grew up with the idea of "waiting" for my Fairytale Life to begin. I was always looking forward to my future for the next step that would bring and signify my ultimate happiness. But often of course it either never came, or I was disappointed by unmet expectations. It was always dependent on someone else providing it for me...

Then I gained the wisdom of disappointment, and realized that living in the future and not the present would never afford me the ability to be happy even if I had every thing I thought I ever wanted. I was a strong, talented, empowered woman that not only could provide happiness for myself but for many others around me. I acknowledged myself for doing it again and again in my life.

So the point of this analogy is this: often we get the carriage of our dreams without the accessories that go with it. Life offers no prince on a horse riding up to sweep us away, no slippers, and no Fairy Godmother. Or so we think, but we are actually all of those things to ourselves IF we choose to be. Who better then to fulfill our dreams then ourselves? Who better to learn the lessons and gain the experience from that satisfaction than us. Why do we always find it easier to look outside ourselves for happiness to be brought to us?
Regarding the JUNK in our lives; this is the type of thinking that should be thrown away. So get out your best princess outfit, your dancing slippers, and dance the night away in your front room or where ever you choose to dance, and know that you were and always are destined for happiness of your own making. Begin making it today! Your Fairytale Life is NOW!

love, Connie

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