Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Old Hawaii

My husband and I are traveling to Maui in a few days to visit my daughter, Heather. I've been perusing some photos of last year's trip to The Big Island. Some people take pictures of sunsets and waterfalls. It seems I am drawn to all things old and rusty. I find their aging patina and broken-in charm utterly appealing. My favorite was this hand-made sign, "Watch for Keiki". Keiki is the Hawaiian word for children.

An old church along the Hamakua Coast.
We stayed in the home of some wonderful freinds, Marlena and Tracey Tumlin. They had a beautiful garden with lovely stauary.

The charming little town of Hakalau. I wish I could fit that sign into my suit case.

I love old cemeteries.

My husband spotted this old door. It is a remnant from the Hakalau Sugar Mill that was in built in the 1920's.
So, while in Maui next week I will be on the look out for old and rusty photo opportunities.
Aloha, Kelly


  1. "The Boutique" hahaha! Love it! Why yes it is!! There is a photo of it in my very first post on my blog. I will have to take another of it to share. Your photos are amazing! I especially LOVE that church! Have so much fun!! Just remember to come back :)

  2. "The Boutique" has always been our code word for our favorite store. You did such a great job with your little swans. What alot of work but so rewarding to see it all come together. You have really made a difference in those little ladies lives. You're beautiful!