Sunday, May 30, 2010

Smith & Edwards

Just north of Ogden, here in Utah is a place called Smith & Edwards. If you are looking for miles of aisles of rusty old junk, then this is the place for you. Poopsie and I drove up Saturday to poke around. A word of warning before you go: make sure your tetanus shots are current!
There is some cool stuff here but most of it is just to heavy for us to transport.
The bulk of the items sold here are army surplus. We thought the boxes holding these cans would make nice nesting boxes for the chicken coop. We picked up three of them at $7 a piece,

Wow! What a bombshell!
Bumbee would like to have one of these in the yard. TeeHee.

Looking at all this old army stuff sitting in rusting piles makes me a little sad to think of all the money and labor that has gone into our industrial wartime machine. "Food not Bombs!"

Poopsie is here to remind all you junkers to be careful out there. Junking can be a dangerous business so always dress properly. Safety first!

Love, Kelly


  1. you always find the most interesting places to play in. I'm happy to see you in my neck of the woods!! Annie from brigham

  2. Tru 'dat, bomb shell!
    Or as I have heard it put, "Well, Robin, I hate to tell you, but Kelly is BY FAR the most attractive of all the Ballard girls."

  3. Smith and Edwards IS the BOMB! I love every photo of every junky rusty thing there...Poopsie is so On Alert in his helmet. I would love the big red gear thingy..did you get one?