Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So this weekend I finally get around to planting my little herb garden. Monday morning I wake up to a full on blizzard! I know this is the mountains but it's the last week of May for crying out loud! I hope my tiny plants survive the storm.

We have an assortment of potted herbs available in our shop this Spring. These are perfect for a sunny kitchen window. Imagine adding a sprig of mint to your iced tea or some fresh cilantro to top off your taco salad.

My all time favorite is lavender. Place this pot of french lavender on your night stand and you'll sleep like a baby.

The herbs sell for $14 each. Hurry in while they last.

Love, Kelly


  1. such cute name cards...
    Annie from brigham

  2. I love pressing on a herb leaf and then breathing in that summery smell of herbal potions and concoctions....aren't they amazing plants? And so attractively potted and labeled.....