Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look What I Found!

Here are a few of the items I scored this weekend at the estate sales. Check it out and see if there's anything you like. Or better still, come on down to Second Hand Chic. They all look better in person!

Love, Kelly


  1. that lawn chair wont last longer than this week!

  2. Great finds!! I LOVE the tulip chair! I always love those! They are getting hard to find!


  3. I love that green chair - I need two for out in front of Mabel.
    As for the white typing table - I just found a gray one a month ago and love it!
    Have a great rest of your week,

  4. Aw, YEAH!!!
    *LOVE* the baby crib and... wait a minute...
    I think those are my roller skates! I wore those things OUT!!!
    Love to you, sweet Kelly

  5. Is that an aluminum tray I spy? That would be good to show for Silver Sunday. By the way, I want the lawn chair....it would look so nice in my yard. Have a good day. Always nice to see you when you pop around for a visit.

  6. Hi sweet Kelly, what a wonderful group of treasures you found. And that party, that must have been the coolest ever. Love your mothers mink coat. We loved visiting your shop. I check this other one out.

    I am working at a shop called Aunt Elsies Trinkets and Treasures. We are in the process of getting settled in our new location. We have taken over the Village White Shope building at Gardner Village. We are waiting on a fire inspection so we not open yet. I will put a post on my blog when we're open.

    Come Visit!

  7. I lost my skate key! But I found my skates! So cool....they would fit right onto my saddle shoes, doncha know? I remember how my Mom would soak those bunny and puppy decals in a saucer of water and then magically slide them onto the high chair, the dresser drawers, the walls, the cribs.....oh for a kinder gentler age when decals were always and truly decoratively correct.......