Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old Sewing Patterns

A few weeks ago at an estate sale, I found a large stash of old sewing patterns. The graphics were so adorably cute and they were practically free so I grabbed an armful. At the time I had no inkling what to do with them but I just had to possess them. I decided to make some little plaques using old reading primers as a background. This was a quick and easy favorite kind. Sometimes if I make projects too time consuming and complicated I never finish them. They are now in my shop and sell for $5 each.

So what do YOU like to do with old patterns?


  1. Good morning Kelly! I like to buy vintage patterns whenever I can find them too! I actually use the patterns as packaging material or to fill up bowls or bins to make it easier to display things inside. They really come in handy in my booth!

    Your plaques are very cute! So creative!


  2. Hello Kelly....!!

    What a FABULOUS idea....I LOVE how you've combined the two....! I've just recently started buying vintage patterns & may look at doing a larger version of this to frame.

    Don't you just just adore the simplicity of vintage graphics....LOL....I take design books to work picking a particularly YUMMY page leaving it open in my standing file to distract me when I'm feeling the 'pinch'....Maybe today I'll take a couple of patterns or one of my vintage readers instead...!!

    Take care & have a GREAT day....!

    Tamarah :o)

  3. Kelly! Amazing and Fun....your creative craftiness knows no bounds! These are just adorable!!!

  4. Oh my goodness Lexi would LOVE these! She takes that book with her everywhere...the Do or Dare one we got last time we were in! It's a scream!