Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free Rangin'

Apparently, while I was in Hawaii visiting my daughter a couple of weeks ago, Poopsie thought it would be fun to let the chickens out of their pen so they can free range in our back yard. Well, now when I open their gate in the morning to feed them they storm the fence. It seems they've really embraced their new-found freedoms and have become quite the entitled little flock!

We have had some rain here and so they love digging up the moist soil in search of the juciest worms. Delish!
Easter Bunny looks so fetching with the fall foliage as a backdrop, don't you think?

Uppity poultry! Oh well, I guess that's what I get for galavanting off to the islands.

Look how Bumbee keeps watch over the flock as they aerate our lawn. That little dog sure earns her keep.

Love, Kelly


  1. Lovely flock you have..
    Enjoy your day..

  2. Oh Kelly Sweetie...
    I am sure it was SOOOO worth it. I have always dreamed of going there and I can't wait to see your shares of memories from there.

    Now what are you going to do about these fancy ones that have decided the grass is a little greener on the other side? I think I would be giving a thump on the head to Poopsie.

    Well sweetie, thank you for sharing the beauties this evening. Their plumage is just gorgeous. Have a Happy Halloween.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry