Monday, November 15, 2010

Shop Local

With the holidays quickly approaching we'd like to remind you to shop local this gift giving season. There was a great article published recently in Utah Stories Magazine featuring some local apparel boutiques. One shop that was featured is SL Citizen owned by my friend Lindsay Frendt.

Here is Lindsay revealing her secret stash. She and I often run into each other at the Estate Sales here in Salt Lake. We bonded in the basement at a hoarder's sale while rifling through boxes of old sewing patterns. Good times.
SL Citizen is located in downtown SLC in Library Square. The shop features hand crafted items by local artisits. You'll find apparel and accessories, jewelry, home decor, ephemera and other gift items.

Here's my favorite item in the shop made by Sarah de Azevedo.

Be sure to stop by Salt Lake Citizen:

Library Square
210 East 400 South
Mon-Sat 10-7
Fri-Sat 10-6

Or check them out on FaceBook.

Love, Kelly

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