Thursday, December 9, 2010

Look What I Found!

Last weekend my two gal pals Liz & Lisa told me about an estate sale in their neighborhood. "But don't bother" they said, "there's nothing good left".

I didn't listen.

Check out the goods....

I just realized there is a boxes and other square things theme here. With the exception of this final fabulous find. An old set of cobbler's shoe forms.

One of these things is not like the others.

Sometimes it pays not to listen to others.

Love, Kelly


  1. Kelly-
    Fun finds, for sure! We had that Story Book, when I was a kid.

  2. I want that Children's Friend book!

    Julie T.

  3. What wonderful finds! I guess that there is good stuff even in Winter at estate sales! I love the Story Book, and the shoe doo-hickeys. Good eye, as always!