Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gardening Therapy

With all the drama around here lately, I realized I was in need of some serious "Gardening Therapy". If you live here in Salt Lake City, you are aware that our Spring has really just been an extended Winter. We actually had one sunny day this week so I thought I'd better take advantage of the break in the rain and get out there and put some veggies in the ground.
The "flower bed".
I managed to put a few tomato plants in the ground.
Portable herb garden.

Were you aware that little babies make the perfect "props" for photos?

Love, Kelly


  1. I wanta pick a baby in the baby garden Annie in brigham

  2. DARLING baby!! I want one in my garden too!!

  3. Nothing like babies in the garden....they used to say they found them under a cabbage leaf! Don't you wish! Kelly,does the galvanized planter on the chair have drainage holes? I have one that I would like to plant and don't know how to allow for drainage.....thanks!