Friday, June 10, 2011

Patio Spruce Up

It's June already and I had yet to spruce up the patio area. In my defense, we have had a very wet and cold Spring here in Utah so it has been a challenge to get out into the yard.

I have managed to collect several functional peices for my patio over the years in my junking travels. However, they lacked any unifying element and my patio resembled a yard sale. I picked up this table at an estate sale a while ago. It's got great bones but is so very brown.

A set of six stylish vintage chairs. Cute but so very beige.

This run of the mill redwood picninc table yearns for a makeover.

A set of two wonderful metal benches were a great steal at $10 each but could use some pizzaz.

My inspiration is the color in these "Country Living" outdoor cushions I picked up last Fall at K-mart for next to nothing. I love the greens and turquoise.

The reverse side is a cute striped pattern. Miss Galore likes the stripes.

I had a can of "Ooops" paint in my stash. It is an oil based exterior finish that I thought would be best for both tables. I used Krylon spray for the benches and chairs since it works well on metal.

I put together a few succulent planters to frame the patio. Love the low maintenance plants.

Do you like the wacky color combo?

I think we are finally ready for guests!

Love, Kelly

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  1. Hey Kelly, Thanks for your special contribution to bring on Summer! Looks great.