Monday, August 15, 2011

Urban Flea Market

Yesterday we set up a booth at the Urban Flea Market at Washington Square in downtown Salt Lake City. It's a fun new event going on once a month until October.

Emily hustles to get the booth set up.

Michael finds a fancy item and at $5 it's a real steal!

Emily loves the vintage lingerie, too!

A satisfied customer. This little cutie bought a rolling pin for her play dough.

We stocked up with dollar items and they were flying out of the booth!

We were so busy at our booth I barely had the time to cruise around and check out the other booths. Here are just a few of the treasures I found..

Bargains galore and great people watching. What a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon downtown.

For more info on this event check out Urban Flea Market on Face Book.

Love, Kelly


  1. Oh fun! I hadn't heard of this. I'll check it out. Thanks, Kelly!

  2. i just had to tell you i came to visit my sister from canada about 2 weeks ago we'd been shipping all day at vintage stores..and yours was the last on our route..and by far my clean and organized amazing stuff..I'm pretty sure Emily was the one to help me out to my car with a set of old books and a fan..i was so excited about it..and she was the nicests sales person I have ever met i couldve spent all day there..and i would be broke if i lived in salt lake by your store..anyways i own an etsy shop cocorosecouture..and we did a photoshoot last week with the items i bought from your shop...thought you might like to see!- love miss Bree is the first of many pictures..i will be back when i come to vsit my sister again!