Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Very Sad....

It is a sad week for our family. Our little Dacshund, Bumbee ruptured a disc in her back. Her back legs became paralyzed and surgery was not an option at this point. The vet said she may recover but after keeping her still and nursing her for a week her health deteriorated very quickly. She was in so much pain we felt it was best to put her to sleep at this point.

She was such a special little friend. The perfect pet. We will miss her.


  1. I loved her sooo much she had such charm--I talked bout her often. I'm sooo glad you have that paintng of her...I'm truely sorry for your loss Annie from brigham

  2. Oh Kelly, I am sorry sorry about your sweet little Bumbee. I've been in the same position with my sweet first greyhound, Cricket. And though it is the kindest thing to do for our babies, the decision is very very difficult. No matter how long we have them, it is never long enough. Take care. I am thinking of you. Toni

  3. GORGEOUS Kelly my thoughts are with you at this very moment....I ONLY wish I could be with you now to give you a cuddle....!

    Your Friend from 'The Fields',
    Tamarah xxx

  4. Oh, Kelly I am so sad for you. Your sweet little Bumble Bee, I know how much she meant to you. It is a very difficult decision to make and I am sorry you had to make it. I think of you often and I will see you soon.

  5. Kelly, I don't know what to say. You have my sincere condolences on the passing of your little sweetie. May sweet remembrances celebrate her life and honor her memory. Love to you all.