Monday, February 20, 2012

Retro Redo

I picked up this set of Mid-Century dressers last weekend at an estate sale. They've got good bones and are well-built but.....yawn!
I thought they needed a little color....
They are now available in our shop. This one is priced at $150.
And this one is priced at $170.

Love, Kelly


  1. Hey Kelly, I LOVE the color blue...Its so uplifting... Great job..
    Since you were my only comment with my last post I wanted to share with you what has come up in my life.... I am getting my book published! I am so excited!!! Email me and I can fill you in on details!!!

    Thanks for being so great!!!

  2. Hi Kelly Sweetie...
    Oh how pretty are these. I am so LOL. I have a set just like these in my bedroom today. I have been wanting to paint them for years. Oh did you ever encourage me now. (DH didn't want to paint them, as they belonged to his parents. I have now given him an ultimatum. Either we paint them or they go.) We are painting them. (I have kept them because of the great bones. They really are sturdy.)

    I am painting my room pale blue with brown accents. My bed is an antique poster bed, so I think I am going to paint them brown to match the bed, and give the pulls a little pop of blue. What do you think?

    Did you give yours a little rough sanding before painting them?

    Thanks for the little push tonight. I can't wait. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

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