Sunday, March 4, 2012

Canton Flea Market

Poopsie and I are in Texas this weekend visiting family. We thought it would be fun to check out First Monday Trade Days in Canton. It's a 2 hour drive from Ft. Worth and was well worth the trip.

There is no shortage of junk food here. We thought we'd splurge and try the deep-fried snicker. It did not dissapoint.
A must-see shop at Canton is Girls Gone Junkin'. Breathtaking display and such friendly gals! You can find them on FaceBook at http://

The Gypsy Pearl is another wonderful shop.

I can't resist a little pooch.
What a fun day. The Canton Flea Market is huge, claiming to have over 7,500 vendors. If you get tired (or are just lazy) you can rent a Jazzie to scoot around in although the Jazzie traffic jams can be a problem. Since we had to burn off that deep-fried Snicker bar we prefered walking.
Love, Kelly

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  1. Ooh, thanks for posting pics of this, Kelly! I've been wanting to go and you're making me want to even more. Hope you got to bring home some fantastic treasures!!