Friday, August 3, 2012

Vintage Double Wash Basin


     This summer we have had several vintage wash basins in shop.  These wonderfully old and rusty tubs can be repurposed in a variety of ways inside or outside of your home.  They make charming flower boxes,  architecturally interesting double sinks, or fun storage solutions.  I personally enjoy them most when they are used as flower or herb boxes outdoors.  What are your favorite repurposing ideas for double wash basins? 
The first image on this post is of the vintage double wash basin we currently have in the shop. It measures as follows:
41 1/4" long
21 3/4" wide (from front to back)
33" high
The wash basin is priced at $150.  You can view more images of it here KSL.

Love, Caitlin

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  1. You can get hand wash basin in many different shapes, sizes and colors although they used to always be white. They are normally made of vitreous china. All the leading bathroom fitting manufacturers will have one. If the room in your bathroom is limited it is often popular to use a corner sink which can fit nicely in between the other units