Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Down by the Bingo Casino....

Whenever I travel I try to find a good  flea market. After doing some research on the internet I came up empty. So when I arrived in Bemidji I asked around to see if anyone knew of any flea markets. I was told about an informal market on Friday mornings in nearby Cass Lake.  I was told to take the highway a few miles east and turn off when I see the Bingo Palace Casino sign.
There were a few cute items like this primitive yet charming Paul Bunyon desk top decor. Nothing says Minnesota quite like Paul Bunyon and Babe, the Blue Ox, dontcha know? There were a few other items of interest but the overall theme of this market was death as you can see by the bountiful selection of knives, guns, traps and dead animals, etc.
I can appreciate a good selection of "Mantiques" as much as the next person but all these weapons of mass destruction were a little too gruesome for me.

Even the Ken dolls are dressed to kill.
Love, Kelly


  1. So very hilarious! As you said, even the weather is trying to kill you in Minnesota. I outta know, I spend 11 frozen years there.

  2. I love this post very much.please keep sharing of knowledges with us.