Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Shop-Girl Goodbye 

As a longtime shop-girl at Second Hand Chic, it's hard to sum up how wonderful working at this amazing store has been!  Over the years, Second Hand Chic has gone through many transformations, including a change of location, several wonderful employees, and so much adorable vintage inventory!  Anyone that has visited our cute little shop knows what a fun experience it is to just walk around and observe the artful displays and the many beautiful, unique items we carry.  Although I'm excited to be moving on to new adventures, (I'm headed to New Zealand! Yipee!) leaving this constant source of creativity will be incredibly difficult.

Working at Second Hand Chic has given me an appreciation for vintage items, reconstructed furniture, and the fine art of thrift shopping!  Although the area I will be moving to has several second hand stores, (they're called op-shops there!) I'm sure that nothing will compare to Second Hand Chic!  As a little farewell, I wanted to post a few photos of some of my favorite merchandise and displays we've had over the years here at Second Hand Chic!



  1. Lucky, Caitlin! My beau just moved back to New Zealand. I sure wish I were there right now---it's summer there! Wishing many happy times as a "Kiwi". xSparky

  2. We will certainly miss our sweet little Caitlin but are so excited for her new adventure in New Zealand!