Monday, July 12, 2010

Roller Derby

This weekend Poopsie and I went to the Roller Derby. The event was fun and entertaining but what struck me the most was sense of female empowerment. It was apparent the minute you walked through the gates. Not just with the players themselves but with every girl in the audience.

In our culture (especially here in conservative Utah) girls are told to sit down, be quiet, be sweet, be pretty, don't yell, lose weight and don't rock the boat. Those rules don't seem to apply with the Roller Derby crowd. Where else can you see a 200 pound girl in black fishnet stockings and a pink tutu! These girls are not afraid to be their authentic selves. It's all about the sport, the sisterhood and not about looking pretty for boys.

Next time we go we'll take our daughters.

Love, Kelly

PS: Thanks to littleredglass on for the use of vintage image.


  1. kelly~
    i so could not agree with you more!! it is so frustrating sometimes living within a small conservative town here in utah...needless to say this prairie girl doesn't follow the norm... ;0)
    sounds like a fabulous wish i could have gone!!
    hope things are well...


  2. Please post a link of how to get tickets and where to see it!

    They will be promoting Hell on Wheels at the Tower on July 19!

  4. Kelly,
    you always find the most interesting things to do--you keep me entertained!!!

    Annie from Brigham

  5. Morning Kelly....!

    I would SO love to go see a Roller Derby....We don't have them down here unfortunately....!! If we DID I'd joing up quick smart....!!

    Have a GREAT week lovey....!

    Tamarah :o)

  6. You're living in the wrong place. I remember Grandpa (your Great Grandfather) telling me that it was just as important for a girl to get a good education and get out and do things as it was for a boy. He also said that whoever I marry should change his name instead of the other way around.