Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Just In....

I had planned to attend an estate sale this AM but since we were slammed with about twelve inches of snow the night before I figured it was not a good day to hit the road. I thought it best to work on a few projects in the safety of my own driveway.

I just finished refurbishing this sweet little vanity and it will be on its way to the shop as soon as this photo session ends.
I should have snapped some "before" shots but my weekends are so frantic around here that sometimes I just can't fit it all in! I did a simple spray and chip paint job.
The seat was covered in a hideous black faux fur fabric. It reminded me of a dead muppet. I also replaced the foam seat because I suspect it came from a smoker's home. This is some vintage fabric I had in my stash.
Check out our lovely Utah weather in the backdrop...good thing I'm leaving for Florida this week!

Love, Kelly

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  1. Hi Kelly,
    I talked to my Aunt in Florida this week and the azaleas are beginning to bloom. Can you believe it??? The little vanity reminds me of the one my Barbie had. So sweet. :o)