Monday, November 7, 2011

Simply Renee

I want to thank my friend Renee (and favorite customer) for mentioning my shop on her blog, SimplyRenee. Renee has been coming to my shop for years in search of unique items to use in her home and for her business. Last Friday her home was featured on a Studio 5 segment "Trash to Treasure".

Renee is such an amazing lady. She runs a succesful business, "Clip it Up", an orginizational system for crafters and quilters. We always look forward to her visits to our shop so we can learn about her latest project. She has a gift for turning an ordinary item into something spectacular!

Here is a photo of one of the fabulous rooms in her home. Check out her blog by clicking on the link above to see more!


  1. That was one of my favorite Studio 5 segments EVER - just because of her home! I visited her blog and saw pictures, but I kinda wish she shared even MORE of her home - and shared how she makes things. I KNOW! She should write TWO blogs - one for her business and one for her decorating! LOL

  2. Thanks Kelly! Always love coming in to see what treasures you've found for me!
    Gayle - I wish I had more time to do a personal blog - as Kelly knows, running a business doesn't always allow you the time you want to be creative! I shared 3 of the 4 rooms I've worked on and I have my Studio I will show soon. Thanks again Kelly - your shop is the BEST!

  3. Renee! What a thrill to meet you and then get to see your home featured on Studio 5! And Kelly! Thanks for the great networking you do, and for your blog!