Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lincoln Road Flea Market

Today we hit the Lincoln Road Flea Market in Miami Beach. It was a gorgeous day for outdoor strolling.
We decided to bring little Tizne along with us. He stayed nice and snug in his bag all afternoon.

There was a wide variety of fabulous goods but I felt the prices were a bit high. I guess this is the East Coast after all and things just cost more out here.

Great people (and dog) watching. Is it me or does this fellow resemble his dog?

This vendor was very friendly and had the best selection of vintage jewelry. Tons of Bakelight.

Great vintage shopping at Lincoln Road Flea market if money is no object.
I'm just happy I finally got to sample some Cuban Coffee. Delish!
Love, Kelly


  1. Totally love that pile of keys and other steampunk junk. and the chair above it. way cool.

  2. Oh Kelly I laughed out loud at your FIRST pic....That trolley....CART....Is HUGE Lovey....BIGGER than you almost.... :o) !!

    It looks like a GREAT flea market & I AGREE....There was a STRONG resemblance there between dog & owner....hahahahahaha....!

    Tamarah :o)

  3. I really love the photo of the guy with his Buddha posing whippet! :o)

  4. I love an open air flea market like that.

    I want several bakelite bracelets but do you know those things are $$$.$$ of dollars? that means hundreds.
    Thanks for all the good pictures