Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hankie Pankie

Don't you just adore vintage hankies? They are so pretty, so feminine and so useful. They are like a tiny pocketsize masterpiece. Here at Second Hand Chic we are well stocked with beautiful hankies and they all sell for under $8!
I remember my grandmother always kept one tucked into her sleeve ready to whip out at a moment's notice. No need to buy boxes of kleenex when you have a drawer full of hankies! It was a simpler time, a time of less waste. We could learn a lesson from grandma and her thrifty ways.

We like to display our hankies clipped up on these old lampshade frames. That way, you can see each one.
So come on in to Second Hand Chic and pick out a hankie to tuck into your sleeve.

Love, Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly!!!!!
    I would love to drop in and check out all the goodies!
    A friend gave me about 50 of her grandmoms hankies and I made valences for my windows on the backporch ...a few years ago...
    Loved catching up on your blog...
    Have a Happy Easter.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. I soooo wish your shop was close to where I live. i love vintage hankies. They are an art form onto themselves.

  3. Happy Easter Kelly....Please pass on my good wishes to Poopsie... :o) !!

    Vintage Hankies remind me of my Great Aunty Iris....Aunty Idy used to trim hankies with fine crotchet & I looked forward EVERY Chistmas to receiving a new one....They were like little works of art....!!

    There are SO many uses for them now ASIDE from the purpose they were originally intended....!! I've seen a VERY creative lady use them to trim DIVINE Christmas stockings & bunting....I've also seen them used to make pockets in organisers....You know the fabric kind that you might pop your shoes in....They look BRILLIANT framed & of course they look GORGEOUS displayed as you have here....!!!

    And lets not forget childrens hankies....Oh HOW SWEET are they....??!!

    Hope you enjoy the Easter break....!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. Happy Easter Kelly

    love you, Poopsi

  5. I love to see Poopsi on the blog, wishing you happiness and love on Easter! I love the hankies....I bought some and gave them to my adorable granddaughters for Easter! They loved them! I use my hankies all the time, they are so soft, and lint-free! Ah Choooo....time to get out my cute little hanky! But No Hanky Panky for me, unfortunately.....