Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Little House Next Door

This winter Poopsie and I purchased the piece of property next door. That's our house just to the right. It was such a steal we just had to snatch it up. The home is small (about 900 sq ft) and was occupied by an elderly couple so it had fallen in to disrepair. I guess we bought it mostly for the land.
But just look at this enormous backyard! I'm picturing a chicken coop over in the corner, a vegetable garden, maybe some herbs and flowers and of course, a stylish little potting shed and a big farm table situated under a large canopy for parties and bar-b-ques. Sigh. What a lot of work.

As you can see, the house needs some love....
I think the foundation is shifting. We had a contractor look at it yesterday and he'll give us a bid on the work we need to do to make it inhabitable. If it's too expensive maybe I'll end up turning the old house into the chicken coop/potting shed. This idea made Poopsie cringe.

For now the side yard of the house will be my painting area. Poopsie was kind enough to set up a large canopy for me. He was just glad to get all my projects out of the garage finally.

And believe me, I've got projects. This metal frame will make the perfect bench for my new garden if Poopsie can cut me a big piece of wood for the seat.

This picket fence needs to be taken apart and used to make markers for the garden.
A pretty vintage plant stand that needs a fresh new color.
Once Poopsie welds the legs back on to this Vintage iron bench it will be the perfect resting place next to the chicken coop.
Well, there's lots of work to do. When will I ever get around to putting in my garden? The garden might have to wait until next Spring. But for now, at least I have my new "Painting Garden".


  1. AH..good for you! It will be adorable..either for a potting shed/chicken coop or an art studio!!??

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  3. CONGRATULATIONS on your purchase Kelly....What a BRILLIANT move....We're unable to do that down here due to the OUTRAGEOUS cost of housing but if we could we'd JUMP at the opportunity....!!!

    I LOVE your stash of projects....I wish we were closer....We could have 'working bees'....Poopsie & Mr SVJ working on the heavy stuff while you & I work on all those 'if only I had a spare hour' projects....hahahahaha....With the barby smoking in the backround while our shrimp cook to perfection....!!

    BIG HUGS from your Aussie Mate,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. A painting garden. Sounds sublime! ~ Angela

  5. such a lucky deal to be able to buy the house next door! and what great treasures you have hiding in your yard, lucky girl!

  6. I dont wanta sound tooo dumb but are you really thinking of fixing it up and renting that place out? I wonder if it would be worth the cost of fixing it up? but hey it could help pay for retirement. now who has to mow that lawn?

    Annie from brigham