Sunday, April 18, 2010

We Love Our Customers!

Saturdays are one big party here at Second Hand Chic! We have so much fun visiting and laughing with our wonderful customers.

After you've made your selection, Caitlin is on hand to ring up your purchase with a smile.

It's so busy in here, there's barely a free moment for Maddie to grab a slice.

We love our jobs!

Love, Kelly


  1. it looks sooo fun over there and the pizza doesnt look so bad either--I'm hungery lol!!

    Annie from brigham

  2. I shouldda been there :-( Count on me next time :-) Looks like fun was had by all !

  3. I sure would love my job too if worked here. So nice to meet so many nice customers. I wanted to comment on your blog header as I love all the different grasses you have growing there. very nice..

  4. Morning Kelly....!

    I would GLADLY work on Saturdays if it was somewhere as inviting as your lovely store...!!

    ...hmmmmmm....Maybe Caitlin & Maddie could use an Aussie helping hand....hahahahaha....!!

    Have a great week lovey....!!!

    Cheers from Ashwood,
    Tamarah :o)